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FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in our resource areas are affiliate links, including Amazon Associates links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, Cat Behavior Solutions will get a small commission with no additional charge to you. We are dedicated to finding the coolest products for cats and cat lovers and we only include products that we feel confident promoting and help to support our mission.


Cats will spend about 16 hours a day sleeping - but not in the same place. They like a variety of places to sleep. My kitten, Pico, currently has six different beds - and more are added every week (it seems.) If you have multiple cats, it's very important to have a plethora of bed choices so they can share spaces without feeling like there aren't enough resources. Cat beds are seen as an important resource to cats.

Some cats like beds out in the open and some are cave dwellers. Below, I've chosen a variety of beds to please any cat!

The Pouf

This is my favorite - because if I were a cat I'd want to lounge around in this furry, soft, silky pouf! This one comes in two different sizes and neutral colors. And it's vegan! It was Tabasco's favorite too.

Less Poufier Pouf

This one is good too and comes a little smaller, for kittens or smaller cats. It also has a waterproof bottom. Not vegan, if that matters to you.

Felted Wool Beds

We love these felted wool cat caves - and they're purrfect for the cat who likes a little peace and quiet for napping. They are wonderful works of art and come in just about every shade.

Felted Wool Beds - Shapes

And you can get them in whimsical shapes too!

Machine Washable Beds

Inevitably your cat is going to throw up or have an accident in their bed. Machine washable beds are certainly handy for such instances! 

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