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Bonding Tip - Slow Blinks

Hi everybody! Molly with Cat Behavior Solutions here, back with another Bonding Tip of the Week for you! This tip is one you’ve probably heard of before, and that tip is: give your cat slow blinks.

Last week I talked to you about staring at your cat. Remember when I said staring, especially without blinking, is a confrontational gesture between cats? It’s one that you don’t want to repeat and reflect, because over time, it’ll dissolve your bond. Therefore, it’s important to break that gaze when your cat locks their eyes on you.

Cats communicate via body language. And if there’s a nonverbal way to say, “I want to fight,” it only makes sense that there would also be a nonverbal way to say, “I love you.” And that way is by slow blinking. Between cats, that slow blink means, “I’m comfortable with you, and I’m comfortable being vulnerable enough to close my eyes in front of you.”

Knowing that cats communicate via body language creates a really good opportunity for you to communicate in a way that they understand. The next time your cat stares at you, or if you just happen to walk through the room and look at your cat, do a slow blink. Close your eyes for a second before opening them back up. And watch—maybe they’ll slow blink to you also. Think of it as a little kitty kiss: when they do it back, that means they’re giving you a little kitty kiss of comfort right back.

So, if your cat is staring, slow blink back as a way to say, “I’m really comfortable around you.” Until next time, keep calm and purr on.

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