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Bonding Tip - Foraging for the Win

Hi everybody! This is Molly with Cat Behavior Solutions again, here with another Bonding Tip of the Week. Today I want to talk about a bonding tip that also happens to be really good exercise for your cat. And that tip is: simulate foraging!

It looks a little like this: take a hard treat, like Vitakraft’s Purrsticks—they come sectioned, so it’s really easy to break off a piece—and toss it. Your cat goes running for it! And, if you toss the treat behind something, like curtains or a couch, your cat then has to go and forage for it.

Foraging is an outlet for the frustration and boredom that can build up if your cat’s natural instincts aren’t engaged, effectively eliminating stress and keeping your kitty’s brain healthy and agile. Plus, by mimicking natural feeding behaviors, you can create the environmental stimulation that your house often lacks. Mimicking these natural behaviors is especially important if there’s not much outdoor access, like if you live in an apartment or big city.

If your cat doesn’t go after the treat right away, point them in the right direction. Cats are observant and that’s how they learn, so they’re sure to catch on eventually. Plus, a treat they don’t normally have (unlike the food in their bowl) creates an incentive for them to forage. Novelty makes the bonding moment extra exciting for them!

So play a little treat toss with your cats this week for a happier, healthier kitty. And tune in again next week for another bonding tip!

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