Each contains 20 pre-moistened wipes Infused with Catnip Oil. This exclusive formula is hypoallergenic, leaves your cat clean, smelling fresh; reduces dander and other allergens; decreases loose hairs and reduces hairballs; and keeps your cat's coat soft and lustrous. Catnip Bath Wipes contain catnip oil, so your cat will look forward to being cleaned with them. 


Catnip Bath Wipes are especially helpful for:

  • Senior cats who may not groom as much due to pain
  • Overweight cats who can’t reach those hard-to-get-to places
  • Cats who hate being bathed in water
  • Cats who need a little extra help with their self-grooming
  • Cats who are healing from illness; it calms and pacifies them

Catnip Bath Wipes

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