CBD is a cannabidiol, non-intoxicating, non-addictive compound found naturally in hemp plants. CBD can help both physical and emotional issues such as: age-related challenges, anxiety or stressful events (new house guests, thunderstorms, Fourth of July, etc.), and trips to the vet. Many of you know I’ve been searching for a quality CBD product for over two years.

I chose Green Roads for three main reasons:

  • Quality – Green Roads uses raw ingredients extracted from hemp plants grown on American farms. They then test the ingredients for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and more, to make sure the ingredients are pure. Their products are sent to to external labs that follow the strictest standards for independent testing.
  • Dosage – I have not found another supplier who can tell you how many MG of CBD you are actually giving your cat. They give us a total MG per container but don’t tell you how much to dose. Green Roads instructions are clear and I have included photos of the product insert here.
  • Taste – Because they use no artificial flavors and mix the product with MCT oil, which is tasteless, cats find it very palatable.

CBD Oil by Green Roads


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