Anti-inflammatory Transdermal Ear Cream for Cats

30 individual, single-dose, .25ml tubes

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments seen in middle-aged to older pets. Even younger cats, under the right circumstances, can suffer from arthritic changes. Arthritis causes changes within the affected joints that are painful for your cat. Don’t assume your cat is less active just because they are aging. Be sure to take your cat to your vet for analysis. Arthritis can’t be cured but there are remedies, like FelineActiv, that can help ease the pain caused by inflammation. FelineActiv promotes optimized mobility by relieving joint inflammation. I recommend this for older cats who are showing signs of arthritis, which may include limping, stiffness, difficulty moving, irritability, muscle atrophy (A cat with atrophied muscles in their legs will have a leg which looks thinner than a normal leg.), licking/chewing/biting areas of their body that are painful, lethargy, discomfort when you pet or handle, decreased activity, no longer runs, jumps or climbs stairs, or inappropriate urination/defecation (due to pain caused by getting in and out of the litter box). My 13-year-old cat vocalizes on landing when he jumps down from the counters, which I think is a clear indication of discomfort. I also see him visibly stiff after laying in the same position for long periods of time. FelineActiv has eliminated these signs.


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