Live Pee Free® doesn't use enzymes, cover-ups or odor-trapping methods; it eliminates odor at its source. It applies billions of liquid positive ions to "negative" odor ions (urine) which cancel out the odors, leaving no harmful residue behind. 

Enymes stop working, cover-ups only mix a sweet smell with the foul one, and odor-trappers only work for 3-7 days. 

Use Live Pee Free on almost any surface to remove urine and feces odor. 

I also use it as a mister on top of the litter and in the box after cleaning.

I also use it in the air around the litter box and in my litter genie. 

This is a larger 64 fl. oz. bottle. 

Remove Urine Odor - Live Pee Free® Large

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