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Molly is a CFTBS (Certified Feline Training and Behavior specialist), CCBC (Certified Cat Behavior Consultant),  FFCT (Fear Free Certified Trainer), and CRM (Certified Reiki Master/Teacher) using positive reinforcement to modify and prevent unwanted behaviors in cats. As a Feline Behavior Specialist, she uses her education and knowledge of feline behavior and behavior modification to help guardians enable their cats to express natural behaviors in ways that are preferable for both the humans and cats.

Molly is also a Fear Free Certified Trainer, working with cat guardians and veterinarians to reduce the stress animals often fear associated with veterinary visits.  

Her passion is to reduce the number of cats euthanized in shelters. She sat on the Dallas Animal Advisory Commission for eight years, works with the cats at Albuquerque Animal WelfareDallas Animal Services, Santa Fe Humane SocietyFelines & Friends New Mexico, and individuals seeking cat behavior guidance.

She has rescued and fostered hundreds of kittens and special needs cats over the years. She rehabilitated a paralyzed cat to full recovery in just eight weeks and continues to rehab many amputee cats and underage kittens. She has volunteered well over 3600 hours with Dallas Animal Services, dedicated to saving felines.

"I'm often called 'the cat whisperer', but not only is that title already claimed, I've found whispering to cats really isn't all that effective. I have studied the anatomy of cats, developmental behavior and causes of behavioral issues - this combined with an acute sense of observation and feline intuition, makes me better at understanding what a cat is experiencing, earning their trust and working with them for the best possible outcome."

~ Molly DeVoss

Molly is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and uses the healing energy to calm and heal cats in stressful situations.


She is also an accomplished artist and often paints the feline form - see them here.

Molly lives with her cat husband, Pico de Gato, and human husband, Dewey. They split time between
Dallas, TX and Santa Fe, NM.

Molly is available for seminars and speaking to groups. 

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