“Hello! I absolutely adore your podcast - I've being listening it for hours and hours these past few weeks I've been waiting for my 14-weeks-old kitten to arrive. I've learned so much and trying my best to make our home enriched environment for the kitty and learn to feed her right. You have opened my eyes in more ways than one with all the clicker training and leash walking and nutrition and so forth! Can't wait!”

Mari R. - Finland

“I wanted to give you an update on my situation. Since I separated Elsa to the bedroom and changed everyone's diet, the change has been remarkable! Shadow is not on edge anymore, and she actively asks for attention. She even tolerates the youngest, Christopher, whereas before she attacked him. We do not have a urine/feces problem anymore. You truly are a miracle worker!”

Hanna S.

She's doing great. You really opened our eyes to what she needed. You are great at what you do!

Brooke P.

 I absolutely adore your podcast, I listen to it while I cook, paint in my studio, and pretty much whenever I get the chance. I think all of the information you give is extremely helpful, especially since I just came into possession of a new fuzzy stray named Enoch, he’s a black and white domestic shorthair and he’s about six months (and a sweetheart). Your podcast has completely solved almost every situation and question I have.

Hannah & Enoch

I feel like I have my cats back and again, I cannot thank you enough for your help.


If you haven’t ordered Bouncy Tails from Cat Behavior Solutions, you are missing out! Nala is OBSESSED with them. She plays with them for hours and hides them for safe keeping to play with after a nap. Totally worth it! The second she hears the package for a new one she’s by my feet chirping, “I get a new one?!” waiting for me to
toss it.

Emily P.

“…and then I found your podcast. I'm now spending 30 minutes a day minimum prey playing with her, learning how to use positive reinforcement with behaviors, and am working on schedule changes with my partner so he can come here some weekends too. Here's to hoping things go well with her [cat] and here's to hoping you continue to share these podcasts - they really are a blessing.”

Brianna W.

We have had nothing but amazing reviews for her work. Molly is truly incredible when it comes to understanding and managing cat behavior.

Ashley T. Indy CARES

Your advice helped me tremendously in re-introducing litter mates and now they're the best of friends! Almost inseparable ❤ 

Rebecca H.

"I just wanted to follow-up with an update about feline life at our house. Orange and Crush are doing FABULOUSLY!!!!! They seem happier and more engaged that I have ever seen them. I think the change in food and eating schedule has made a big difference, and they look far healthier too. I am so incredibly grateful for your guidance, wisdom, and support. And so relieved to have happy cats who are navigating life well (with the new puppy included!)."

Lucy S.

“Thank you so much for all of your help with my now one year old kitten, Jones, and my older cat, Desmond. They are getting along wonderfully now.”

Beth M.

“It was so lovely meeting you today and this is the first time in a year and a half I’ve felt hopeful about this situation and now see Miu Miu in a whole new light. So grateful for your guidance and help and excited to report back!”

Alicia S.

“I was pulling my hair out, trying to understand why my cat was going outside the litter box - until Molly came to the rescue! She gave me expert advice, and now we’ve got it under control, so thanks, Molly!”

Robin O.

"I gave one of our shy cats Meowza and he’s loving it!"

Sondra C. League for Animal Welfare

"OMG!  Two days of this feeding modification and I think it is working…..I think I was underfeeding him or something…but he is definitely behaving a bit better ….. thanks!"

Mark M., Dallas, TX 

"Oh Molly, truly you’re the best!  Thank you SO MUCH for the guidance."

Kris S.

“I praise God for the gift he’s given to you that you share so beautifully with the world around you."

Susan R.

"I’ve just listened to your 12  golden suggestions and I really appreciated the show. I especially found n. 5, 11 and 12 extremely helpful, I hope to find -  once back to our normal life - some retailer available to donate samples of carpets to our shelter. The other volunteers at our shelter will enjoy the Podcast and our cats will benefit from it!"

Jan W., Italy

"I am in Australia and listen to your podcasts regularly, I am a foster career and shelter volunteer and often take on cats who are struggling with the shelter or damaged by previous humans. I have learnt so much from you and continue to learn something new every time."

Sharon H., Australia

"You do amazing work. I’m glad that the felines have advocates like you that are there for the owners to reach out to and get help from. Knowledge is power that creates change!"

Courtney B.

"I just found your podcast today and have already listened to four hours of it. I am so thankful to have found it! Molly, thank you so much for what you are doing! I wish every kitty adopted came with a flyer about your podcast. You are saving so many lives and Angel and I really appreciate you!"

Liza L.

"I just found your podcast today and have already listened to four hours of it. I am so thankful to have found it! Molly, thank you so much for what you are doing! I wish every kitty adopted came with a flyer about your podcast. You are saving so many lives and Angel and I really appreciate you!"

Stephanie D. 

"I‘m a great fan of yours and your podcasts ! I live in Italy where I‘ve been volunteering for years in a shelter. I‘ve just listened to ´Fostering aggressive, say & Shut down cats‘ and it would be so helpful to get a printed version of the 4 steps you perfectly explained. Would you be so kind to email them to me as you kindly mentioned during the Podcast?

Great thanks and warmest regards, I really admire you 🌷😻"

Jon G.

“I am SO grateful for your generous help and guidance with my adopted furry one. I could not have moved through this process without your expertise and heart! Grazie, Molly!”

Geena T.

" I learned a great deal today and feel that we are finally on the right track to resolve this issue for all of our benefit. Thank you for your insights and the time you spent with us today!"

Patti D.

"You are my Santa - gifting me with hope and better informed future goals!  Setting me down the right track has me feeling better right now than I have in weeks, and I will heed your advice."

Stephanie C.

The best thing to ever happen to our cats was the day I discovered your podcast a little more than a year ago. I’ve listened to every episode and have learned more than I could possibly imagine. Live Pee Free and Beco bows have been game changers in our household. Your store and your recommendations are worth their weightIn gold.

Mark J.

I just adopted my first cat and have been obsessively binging your podcast to prepare! Thank you so much for all your work. Safie and I are so grateful!

Marissa F.

You are so inspirational. You've taught me to appreciate my cats for who they are, not just who I want them to be. I have deeper relationship with my babies than I even dreamed possible due to listening to your podcast. Thanks for all you do! 

Da M.

"You are an absolute wealth of cat knowledge and I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the skills you shared with the class. Your website is full of great information and I will share it and use it as I try to convince others about species-appropriate food for cats."

Susie S.

Molly DeVoss is the wonderful cat behaviorist who hosts Cat Behavior Solutions - Cat Talk Radio. She is fantastic and the show always is filled with valuable information. Excellent source of cat behavior information for cat guardians! Thank you so much for taking the time to present the information. 

Lisa E.

"I just wanted to say I love the podcast; I listen to it between classes. I am a young, first time cat mom of a 5 month old lynx point Siamese. I have started to feed him 4 times a day and smaller portions and it has helped his energy level amazingly! He now sleeps through the night. Very helpful tips. Thank you so much for your help and we can’t wait for the next episode!"

Mary Y.

"I'm a Feline Behaviour Specialist myeself and also, I'm a frequent listener of Cat Talk Radio. I love the way you reach out to people and it inspired me to do the same in Dutch."

Thomas I., Netherlands

Molly's consultation redeemed the happiness of both our cat Strudel and the rest of our family (because he quit peeing outside of his litter box). Molly gave me several simple, easy measure to take to ensure that Strudel was well adjusted after we recently moved to another city. I am feeding him higher quality food and have provided him a better litter box scenario. I am ridiculously grateful for Molly and her expertise.

Rachel R.

Molly showed me how she trimmed one of her fosters'  nails by approaching him casually while he was sleeping... When he roused and noticed was she was doing, she gave him a treat. I tried the same thing with Coco, and now nail-trimming is a breeze. She doesn't even hiss! She just watches while I snip and waits for her treats. 

Kim P.

Complete turn around for Abbie! In addition to consistently using the litter box, she also is eating a wide variety of wet foods as well as bonito flakes (her favorite) and is back to NO UTI. Otherwise, great shape and affectionate and loving and happy!! Which makes us happy too! thanks for all of your help!

Lindsey F.

Amazing things happening with the cats these days. Great job Molly and her mentees. 

Jennifer S.

You are a kind, generous, fun cat expert; I’m so lucky to have found you!!!!

Judy M.

Well, I think you might have trained the owner, but... As of this week Oscar and Suzie have been together on my lap for up to 15 minutes and have successfully slept next to each other in my bed with me! Your consultation was such a gift.

Corky M.