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Cat Communication – what is your cat trying to tell you?

Does your cat Love you?

About Behavior Consults

Introducing Cats

Cat vs Cat – Interview with Pam Johnston Bennett

Birds and Cats Cohabitating

Why Cats Are Assholes with Liz Miele

Purebred Purrsonality Traits

The Good, the Bad & the Snuggly - What shapes cat behavior

The Scoop on Cats – Strange Cat Facts

Why does my cat do that? Exploring peculiar feline behaviors

Cat 101 – Understand your cat and their basic needs

ABC’s of Cat (alphabet of info)

Most Googled cat Questions of 2018

34 Things you do your cat hates

Cat body language

Molly answers behavior questions

About Host Molly

How to Bond with Your Cat

12 Ways to Boost Confidence in Your Cat

Dysfunctional Beliefs About Cats – How to Reframe Them

Are Cats Really Domesticated?

Picking the New Cat

Stories From Molly

Cat Quiz!

Let’s Talk Cats – Interview with author Anita Kelsey

How to Get More Cat Love

“Why” Cat Questions

Tail Talk: What Cats Are Saying With Those Flicks and Swishes

Do cats see ghosts?

Creating the Purrfect Cat Environment

Cat Products that help behavior issues – Global Pet Expo reviewed from a Cat’s point of view

Catios – perhaps the best enrichment you cod provide your cat – Guest Cynthia Chomos, founder of Catio Spaces

15 Games to Play with Your Cat

5 Things Cat Owners Shouldn’t Live Without

Cat Proofing Home

7 Problem-Solving Products

Walking Your Cat

Cats and children

Insecure Cats

Leaving your Cat Alone

Using Positive Reinforcement With Cats

Door Dashing

New Kitten Questions

Attention-Seeking Behaviors

The Kitten SDP Window

When Fear & Anxiety Return

3 Lies Every Cat Behavior Specialist Has Heard

Acclimating Your New Cat

Stray or Feral?

Cat Insecurities


Interviews & Misc.

Interview with The Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy 

Interview with Hanna Shaw, The Kitten Lady – tiny but Mighty?

Cat vs Cat – Interview with Pam Johnston Bennett

Why Cats Are Assholes - interview with Liz Miele

What is Your Cat’s DNA – Basepaws interview with CEO Anna Skaya

The Future of Cat Food – Interview with Shannon Falconer, CEO of Because Animals

Community Kittens and cats – Sharing our neighborhoods with felines; Jordan Craig guest

Interview Author Aysha Akhtar, Our Symphony with Animals

Interview with Sara Pizano, The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters

Interview with Quincy Sweeney – Introducing the new dog – Canines in feline household

Animal Communication – Interview with Claudia Mardel

Grief and Loss - Interview with Diane Pomerance

Parting Stones Interview with Justin Crowe

Hoarding – Interview with Aviva Vincent

Experience End of Live – Interview with Coleen Ellis

Animal Souls, Afterlife, & Reincarnation – Interview with Diane Pomerance

Let’s Talk Cats – Interview with author Anita Kelsey

Interview with Homer’s Odyssey author, Gwen Cooper

Romance & Cats! With Michelle Major

The Mystery of Cats – Interview with Debra H. Goldstein, author of the Sarah Blair cozy mystery series

Have you seen Tucker? Author Interview

Nathan the Cat Lady

Natural Pet Pest Control – Whitney Jones Cedarcide

Catios – perhaps the best enrichment you cod provide your cat – Guest Cynthia Chomos, founder of Catio Spaces

About Host Molly

Stories From Molly


Life on the Road with a Cat - Caleb & Marilyn Monroad

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