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First, no one who ever owned a cat was a dummy. Cats are delightful, social creatures who can bring much joy to your life. However, when behavior issues happen, the joy is hard to find. So for first time cat owners, it's important to learn about the species and how to provide for them in ways that will help prevent behavior issues.


Behavior issues are a main cause of shelter surrender - and shelter euthanasia is the number one cause of death in cats - so it's important to learn how to provide an environment your cat can thrive in.


There are many resources on this site that will help you learn. I recommend starting with:

10 Things You Need Before Bringing Home a Cat - even if you've already brought home your new cat, it's never too late to listen to this podcast and get the things you need:

34 Things You do Your Cat Hates - it's important not to be a source of stress for your cat, so learn how to be more cat-friendly by listening to this podcast:

What to Feed Your Cat - Nutrition plays a major role in how your cat feels and behaves. Knowing what to feed is not as easy as cruising the pet food isle. Learn what cats need by listening to this podcast:

Cat Body Language - Unlike dogs, cats are not open books with their feelings. Cat body language is very subtle. Learn what your cat is saying by listening to this podcast:

Cat Talk Radio has many more podcasts on cats' needs. I encourage you to look through the list and listen to as many as you can. Even the most astute cat owner has something to learn!


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