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Hide the food from them

I know it sounds cruel to hide the cats food from them, but it is one of the most mentally stimulating things you can do for your cat. I'm not a fan of feeding dry kibble at all but some cats demand it - and it is good for helping to keep their teeth clean. PLEASE don't feed more than 30-40% dry to wet food ratio.

Feeding dry kibble in a food puzzle mentally stimulates your cat by simulating their natural eating behavior. In the wild, cats spend hours a day foraging for food. Mimicking this feeding behavior provides exercise and helps to prevent behavior issues associated with lack of problem solving activity.

You can easily make your own puzzle feeder by cutting holes into a toilet paper or paper towel core putting the food in and taping the ends – or just fold in if you’re worried about your cat eating the tape. Plastic jugs/bottles also work well. Hide them around the house in different places.

For commercial brands, I use the SlimCat Puzzle ball - available for purchase in our store.

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