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Whisker Fatigue Bowl

I chuckled the first time I heard of "whisker fatigue" but in my feline behavior certification program I learned it is a real condition that often affects cats. Whiskers have an amazing amount of sensory receptors in them and are almost like octopus tentacles or fingers. They pull important information into the cat's brain and nervous system. When your cat's whiskers constantly touching the side of the food or water bowl can create a sensory overload and lead to stress. Signs of food/water related stress can include pacing in front of the bowl, being reluctant to eat but appearing to be hungry, pawing at food to knock it to the floor or acting aggressive towards other animals around the food. 

So I bought a whisker fatigue bowl to see if there was any difference in Tabasco - not only was he MUCH happier with eating but I didn't get one for our Dallas home and he absolutely refused to eat his canned food out of his current bowl (time for me to order another!)


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