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This feels totally dorky going on about my area rugs. But we have concrete floors, so we have quite a few of them (11 to be exact).

The story starts with dogs. I swear, every single dog that has ever visited my home has peed on at least one of my rugs. Spot cleaning never gets the odor out. It seems to be gone for a few days and then returns smelling like moldy dog pee. Yuck. I have a sensitive nose and could not stand it!

Then I saw an add for machine washable rugs. I was skeptical but found a pattern I liked and decided to replace my most filthy throw rug: the one in front of the kitchen sink. True to its word, it fit in my washing machine and didn't come out of the dryer like a potato chip. I love it!

But it is a 2.5' x 7' runner and I wondered about the bigger sizes; would they still fit in the washing machine? So I ordered a longer runner (2.5' x 10') to go by the back door. This rug sits under the A/C unit and has multiple years' stains on it. Not only did the color arrive exactly as it was shown on the site, but it too fit into the washing machine.

Then I tried the ultimate challenge and ordered a 5' x 7' rug for the living room. It had the worst dog urine smells on it - and voila it washes nicely too!

Now we have 6 Ruggables in our home and are on the way to replacing the remaining 5. I wanted to share with you these amazing rugs and pass along a discount:

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 4.41.49 PM.png

Ordering is easy!

Ruggable makes the shopping experience so easy; you can shop by size or by color.

Once you place your order, the rug usually arrives in about a week. AND you get free shipping.

It comes in a nice, compact box. The rug is wrapped around the "pad", which is a think velcro-like material.

Simply unroll both, lay out the pad, put the rug over it and you're done!

The sticky texture on the pad holds the rug in place.


Soft as a Baby's Butt!

I love flokati rugs but I'm not comfortable with hides or fur in my home so when I saw this "faux flokati" rug on Ruggable, I had to give it a try. I was worried it would look fake and cheap, but I LOVE it!

And Pico says it's as soft as his behind ;) 

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