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Cat Talk Radio is an educational outreach program of Cat Behavior Solutions.

The show is designed to help cat guardians increase the bond they have with their cats and learn how to provide for them in ways that will stop unwanted behaviors - ultimately keeping the cats from being re-homed.

Cat Portrait

I wanted to let you know after listening to your podcast on senior cat nutrition we started trying out some of the different healthier cat foods (including raw from Shine in town) and have landed on Weruva low phosphorous varieties. What a different it has made! particularly with feather, who was losing weight and had ongoing digestive issues. Also we are hoping the low phosphorus varieties are helping Frenchie as she has stage 2 kidney disease. 

They all are now finishing their whole plate of food and looking for more. Thank you for making us more aware of how this change could help them. We are slowly weaning off all dry food but really feel good that the change to healthier moist food is benefiting them.   


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