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Shelter Supplies

The Best Cat Treats:


My favorite cat treat is Lick 'n Lap. Why? Because I work with a lot of shelter cats who are so frightened in the environment, they act out defensively with aggressive behaviors. It's very important to quickly establish something positive with our presence. If the treat is not appealing enough, cats won't venture out of their comfort zone and give you a chance to build trust. Most cat treats only appeal to about 50% of the cats, but Lick 'n Lap is preferred by about 98% of the cats I give it to. 

It's manufactured in Germany at a high quality, small batch facility. Try some - your cats will LOOOOVE it! You can buy it on Amazon through the link to the right, or we sell it in our store here.


Stress Helpers


This is a non-prescription supplement used for calming anxious, shy, nervous behaviors. I would not recommend using it for aggression issues. If your cat is shy, or you're trying to get through a stressful incident such as July 4th, thunderstorms, moving, traveling to the vet, having a party, meeting new people, or new to your home, Zylkene might be just what you need. It is recommended for short term use but there is no problem with long term usage.


This is a non-prescription nutritional supplement that encourages behavior health in dogs and cats. It provides a feeling of calm and contentment during stressful events. It can also help to support modification of negative or destructive behavior caused by anxiety or phobias. It contains brewers yeast so cats typically find it tasty. One tablet per day. 

Only Natural Pet Calm Chinese Herbal Anxiety Formula

When my Tabasco was struggling with cancer, I used many Chinese herb supplements and found that he rebounded for a bit when I used them. Traditional Chinese Medicine states that nervousness and anxiety are caused by an imbalance in the heart, spleen and liver meridians. The Calm blend is formulated to provide soothing support for pets that are easily frightened or experiencing chronic anxiety. It is also helpful with situational stresses like travel, storms, fireworks, fights, trips to the vet, strangers or being alone.

Only Natural Pet Chinese Herbal Blends are made with the highest quality sulfur-free and GMP-certified Chinese herbs.

Click here to shop:


My 2 go-to Supplements for Fosters:

Tomlyn L-Lysine

L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps treat upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitis and more. I put it on the food for all my foster kittens. I like the Tomlyn brand because it taste great (to cats - I haven't personally tried it yet.)

Probiotics are important for your foster kittens to maintain a healthy digestive tract. I use the Pro Plan FortiFlora because most cats LOVE the flavor of it. 


If you are making homemade or raw for your cat, it is vital that you add taurine to the food. This is a good one that is specifically mixed for cats.


This is a phosphate binder. If you're fostering a cat with elevated kidney levels, I highly recommend getting them on this to support the kidneys. Processing phosphate is hard on the kidneys and this helps.

Digestion Aids

Sometimes your foster kittens or cats need help with healthy stool. Pumpkin acts as a digestive supplement helping with regularity and gas relief. It helps with diarrhea, constipation, anal gland discomfort, and provides stomach relief and reduces indigestion.Tabasco won't eat his food if I put canned pumpkin in it, but he likes the taste of this Organic Pumpkin Powder.

Laxatone also helps as a digestion aid and hair ball remedy.

Natural Flea Remedy + B Vitamins

These Brewer's Yeast tablets are great tasting to cats (no garlic) and will help with the reduction of fleas. If you have an outdoor cat, this by itself is probably not going to stop fleas completely, but if you have a primarily indoor cat with a concrete floor catio, then these will help.

Great for treat toss game!

Rescue Remedy

This is a homeopathic stress reliever. It is flower essences and is put on food. I use 4 drops per meal on Tabasco's food - not for emotional stress, but as a support for multiple physical ailments he's going through. Very much like the Feliway Pheromone plug ins, this by itself is not a magic wand to make all your cat troubles go away. But when used in conjunction with other stress relieving strategies, it helps!

Pill Pockets

If you have to give your cat medication, these Pill Pockets are a great thing to try. It doesn't fool all cats but I have clients who swear by them.

Pilling a cat can cause your cat to avoid you and the unpleasant experience. No matter what you hide the pill in, some cats will eat around it and leave the pill on the floor for you to find later. Pill Pockets is a good masking alternative and worth a try if you're struggling with pilling your cat.

Pill Masker

Tomlyn also makes a good pill masker. The great flavor of this gooey paste will often do the trick to fool your cat.

Unlike the pill pocket above, which has a hollow center for placing the pill, the pill masker is a peanut butter textured substance that you mush around the pill.

Pill "Gun"

Pet Houzz Soft Tip Pill Gun is a good tool for "shooting" the pill back into the throat of your cat. If your cat absolutely refuses to take the pill with one of the maskers above, then this might work for you. I hold tilt the cat's head back with my left hand and pry the mouth open with the pinky of my right hand, then pop the pill to the back of the throat. It is a good idea to then gently  hold the cat's mouth closed and stroke the neck, or blow a little into their face, this will cause them to swallow. Some cats will sit still, looking as if the pill has gone down and as soon as you leave the room, they'll spit it out onto the floor. Kind of like I did with peas as a kid.

Cat Toothpaste

Cats need regular dental care but taking your cat to the vet is stressful for everyone and often cat owners simply don't go. Cats should have a tooth cleaning annually - and it's expensive! The next best thing you can do is to use this enzymatic toothpaste. It is poultry flavored. You don't have to worry about brushing, just get it on your finger and rub your finger over your cat's teeth.


Hydration just might be the single most important thing you can do for your cat and fosters - especially if you are feeding any amount of dry food. Now there is a ph-balanced, mineral free water for cats. Since cats naturally have a very low thirst drive, and consume very little water if fed a properly hydrated diet, I recommend adding it to your cat's wet food. I add it to Pico's Primal raw food. Catwater is "clinically proven to reduce minerals in the urinary tract up to 50%". Great to add to kittens' food as well!

Raw Feeding If you've listened to any of my podcasts, attended any of my seminars or consulted with me, you've heard me preach about the species appropriate benefits of feeding cats raw food. I have been buying my raw meat from a trusted source for about 15 years = Hare Today. Click their logo to the right to visit their online store.


Hare Today provides fine ground rabbit with bones and organs in 1, 3 or 5 pound sizes. You can buy it here

When available, I also buy the freeze dried version of this mix. You can buy it here.


It's important you mix water and additional nutrients into the raw food and Hare Today makes that easy for you with Alnutrin supplement for Cats - buy it here.


Food Puzzle Cats in the wild spend 6 hours a day hunting and when we feed them meals they don't have to work for, pent-up energy builds, which can result in behavior changes. Food puzzles are one of the best mental stimulators you can provide for your foster cats and kittens. We sell a couple in the Behavior Boutique and there are more complex ones like this Catit Digger and Food Tree.