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Objectively identifying a cat’s level of stress in a shelter setting is important for deciding what behavior modification tools to work with. What looks like “mean” to one person is “grumpy” to another. Anthropomorphic terms are subjective and not an accurate depiction of the cat’s stress. It’s important to describe cat stress using a universal system, where everyone is observing and evaluating the same components. Kessler & Turner published a Cat Stress Score chart in 1997 that we use for the basis of evaluating cat stress. Molly has built upon that foundation by adding what the cat is doing and how it is responding to your hand/approach, and provided realistic illustrations.


One Set of 3 cards/6 pages: These are printed on thick paper with a high gloss finish, for longevity and to minimize fingerprints and dirt getting on them. There are six levels of stress – each printed on one side of the three cards, which are bound by a metal ring. Easy to hang on a wall or carry on a clip.

Cat Stress Score (CSS) Cards - Set of 3 cards/6 pages


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