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Bonding Tip - Share the Love

Hi everybody! Molly, with Cat Behavior Solutions, here with your Bonding Tip of the Week. This week’s bonding tip is: let everybody bond with your cat—the whole family!

Cats have a key development period in the first few months of their life, and everything they’re exposed to during this period is something they’ll be comfortable with later on. Part of “what they’re exposed to,” as you can guess, is people. This is a key period for socialization. And sometimes, if you don’t introduce your cat to enough people, they might develop a distaste later on for anyone other than who they’ve been socialized with. This means men and children!

You want to teach your kitty that all people are safe to bond with. And there’s no better way to bond with your cat than to feed them.

In our house, my husband Dewey feeds Pico two of his four meals a day, and we’ve been doing that since Pico was a kitten so that Dewey can bond with Pico as well. Every time Dewey’s up at the counter preparing Pico’s food, Pico gets up there with him and loves all over his daddy while he’s making his dinner. It’s a great bonding moment for the two of them.

Bonding opportunities extend to prey play as well. Feeding is one thing, and prey play is another—any kind of playing and interacting with your cat is a bonding opportunity. It’s an especially good thing for the kids to do to get to know the family cat a little better. The cat is a member of the family, so let the family bond individually.

So this week, let the whole family bond with the cat. I mean, why would you want to hog all of the cat love, right? Until next time, keep calm and purr on.

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