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Dear Molly, "Reiki"

Dear Molly,

I have been doing a lot of learning about chakras lately and I suddenly had this thought that one of my cats may have chakras that are blocked. He goes to the bathroom on the rug instead of the litter box and sometimes cries. He is also very jumpy and afraid of noises. Looking at the chart you have on your website I am thinking the root chakra and sacral chakra may be having issues. What would be a first step to try and help him?

Dear Reiki,

Absolutely cats can have blocked chakras, just like people do. However, what you’re describing (“goes to the bathroom on the rug and cries”) is indicating there may be a urinary tract infection. The first thing I’d recommend you do is get him to the vet for a urinalysis and maybe blood work. How old is he?

Also diet plays a HUGE role in urinary health. If you are feeding mostly (or only) dry food, it can dehydrate the cat and cause the urine to be concentrated, which can cause a burning sensation when they urinate. It won’t show bacteria on a urinalysis, but it mimics a UTI. So feeding species-appropriate food is a must for a cat having these types of issues. Please listen to this podcast and make these changes: What to feed your cat

And absolutely Reiki energy can help a lot. Have you trained under a Reiki Master? What level are you certified now? Do you have a pendulum you work with? If you have a crystal pendulum, you can hold it over your cat’s chakras and see how well they are functioning. If you are not Reiki Certified you can search for animal reiki practitioners in your area for a hands on session, or you can have someone like myself do distance reiki treatments on him.


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