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Dear Molly, "Weight Loss"

Dear Molly, What cat food would you recommend for weight loss? I’ve had issues getting weight off my cat with no luck, and am starting to have more issues because of it. I’m hoping to get her back into the vet soon but wanted to know your thoughts.

Dear Weight Loss,

My first recommendation is to stop feeding dry food; it's full of carbs, and very little nutrition a cat needs, and will pack the weight on super fast. Feed canned food only. Feed in multiple small meals a day to avoid gorging. In the wild they will eat 9-10 small meals a day so when we only feed them twice a day, it's like us going for 2-3 days without a meal. I recommend feeding 4-5 meals. I feed mine at 8:00, 12:30, 6:00, 10:30 and then set a food timer for 3am (if I have a cat that gets me up in the middle of the night or early morning.) As far as what brand of cat the ingredient label and avoid: by-products of any kind, corn, wheat, gluten, and soy. As far as how much to feed; it's very important you don't put a cat on a crash diet - it can cause organ failure. A cat should lose no more than about a half pound a month. Increased activity is good, but it's not like a dog where that is going to be a main source of weight loss. Here are two graphics that will help you:

I suggest you also listen to Cat Talk Radio's What to Feed Your Cat podcast here:


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