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Introducing the New Cat

The cat introduction process is a sensitive one. Remember, cats are a solitary species, so requiring them to live together in a home naturally puts stress on them. You, the guardian, have to make the most congenial environment you can for a multiple cat household, and that beings with the introduction. At the shelter I often hear "I'm looking for a buddy for my cat." I always ask "What is your cat doing that makes you think it wants a buddy?" Then I usually try to explain the behavior to them (it is never because it wants to share its resources with another cat!) If you do decide to get another cat, the introduction is THE most important part of their years together. If you just "try" to make it work to "see how it goes" and put the two together abruptly, you may create a negative encounter that will be VERY difficult to get beyond. Cats have amazing memories and don't forget - that's why they are often seen as "holding grudges". Please don't short cut the process. Have patience and go slow - you are setting the stage for a lifelong relationship. Follow these steps:


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