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"Prey Play"

Ideally cats need two 10-15 minutes of "prey play" sessions daily. The thrill of the hunt is very real for a cat; stalking, catching and killing prey is in their DNA. And no, I'm not recommending you let the cat hunt in the fish tank or buy it live mice! (And no fish were harmed in the making of the image below - simply photoshop ;) But if a cat does not replicate that sequence for long periods of time, it builds up stress and frustration. Wand toys with fur-like or feathered ends are best for this. Move the wand as the prey does - not in your cats face - but disappear around corners, over the top of the couch, etc. Allow the cat to stalk, catch and bite it - remember it's not a competition to keep them from catching it; it's important to allow the "kill bite" at the end!


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