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Working Cats - Coyotes

Shelter, at least at night, is the best way to protect your cats from predators, however, it isn’t often enough. Coyotes are very bold and will often come up close to your homes and vehicles.


Here are some ideas/tools for protecting your working cats from predators:

  • Coyote Deterrent Red Lights – These are solar powered red lights to look like larger eyes, with scares away the night time predators. These will also scare off your cats so be sure to put them at the perimeter.

  • Remove Food – be sure to only feed during the day; remove any uneaten food at sunset.

  • Donkeys – Often donkey will confront and chase coyotes. Donkeys are social animals, so rescue a pair. There are kill auctions so you can save a life too.

  • Large Dog – Great Pyrenees, and other large dog breeds are known to be good coyote deterrents. Come to the shelter and adopt!

  • Enclosure – Build a large catio or enclosure for your cats and feed them in the late afternoon, which will train them to come in before dark, then shut them in until morning – or have them permanently enclosed; they still hunt and deter rodents.

  • Fence with Coyote Rollers – These rollers are metal tubes designed to spin when animals attempt to enter or exit a fenced area, denying them the traction needed to get over the fence.

  • Guard Llama – Llamas will also scare off coyotes, but also watch for your dogs.


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