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Carrier Training

Top Loading Cat Carrier

Less than 50% of cat owners take their cats to the vet! That's a terrible statistic! The #1 reason why cat owners avoid the vet is due to stress - both for them and the cat! I've written a blog on reducing the stress in vet visits and it begins with getting a top loading carrier. I recommend one of the ones listed to the right.

Clicker Training

Yes, it's possible to clicker train your cat into a carrier!

This removes a lot of stress involved in getting your cat to the vet. I recommend using the clicker with a telescoping target built into it so you can target your cat into the carrier by holding the target through the top door.

24" Tweezers

I use these to deliver high value treats to aggressive and fearful cats in shelters. They work great for you at home if you have a particularly shy cat who is hiding from you. Simply deliver some shaved chicken with these. Hold about 2" from the cat's nose and wait for her to move toward you. If she doesn't, drop the shaved chicken and allow her to eat it when you leave. If done multiple times a day, she will connect you to something yummy and wonderful, which will begin to build trust. I also use these when carrier clicker training. I hold the treat inside the top door so the cat has to move into the carrier to get the treat.

Mini Bungee Cords

I use these to secure the top and front doors of the carrier open when it is not in use. This keeps a door from accidentally closing and scaring the cat as it is exploring the carrier space. It is important to keep all interactions between the carrier and cat calm and stress free.

Remove the bungee cords right before you load the cat for a trip. Complete cat carrier tips can be found in our blog page under the Medical category.

Calming Travel Wipes

The second thing you need for your vet visit is Feliway's calming wipes. Simply wipe the inside of the carrier about 10 minutes prior to departure.

You can wipe the inside of your vehicle with the calming wipes too, as well as any other tool you may be using for shelter work or fostering stressed out cats and kittens.

I prefer the Feliway brand to other pheromone manufacturers.

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