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FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in our resource areas are affiliate links, including Amazon Associates links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, Cat Behavior Solutions will get a small commission with no additional charge to you. We are dedicated to finding the coolest products for cats and cat lovers and we only include products that we feel confident promoting and help to support our mission.

Carrier Training

Can you train cats?
Absolutely! You can train a cat anything it wants to do! Molly will show you how to use positive reinforcement to train cats in this video of a class she did sponsored by Dallas Pets Alive.

Clicker Training

Yes, it's possible to clicker train your cat into a carrier!

This removes a lot of stress involved in getting your cat to the vet. I recommend using the clicker with a telescoping target built into it so you can target your cat into the carrier by holding the target through the top door.

Top Loading Cat Carriers

Less than 50% of cat owners take their cats to the vet! That's a terrible statistic! The #1 reason why cat owners avoid the vet is due to stress - both for them and the cat! I've written a blog on reducing the stress in vet visits and it begins with getting a top loading carrier. I recommend one of the ones below. 

Often returning from a vet visit can cause “unrecognition aggression” because the home cats no longer recognize the one who now has vet office smells on it. To discover how to prevent that from happening, listen to this podcast: Unrecognition Aggression.

Using a top loading carrier can make it easier for the veterinarian to examine your cat in place – and easier to return the cat to the carrier. These are my top pick carriers:

Product Review - Calm Carrier 

This sliding drawer system carrier is a great way to get your cat to the vet and have easy examinations with the cat in the carrier/drawer. It's genius!


Check it out at:

Large Cat Carrier for 2 Cats, Oeko-TEX Certified Soft Side Pet Carrier

Length: 17” Width: 11.8” Height: 13”.

The cat carrier is designed for higher height, the wider width, the more space for your lovely pets. So that our large pet carrier is fit for one large cat, two small kittens, one or two small doggies. The maximum weight is 20 lbs. Please do measurement before you add to your cart.

Large Cat Carrier.png

Cat Rolling Carrier for 2 Cats,Double-Compartment Pet Rolling Carrier with Wheels for 2 Pets

When you have a bonded pair of cats, it’s good to take them to the vet at the same time so you avoid one of them coming back smelling different and engaging in unrecognition aggression. Two cats in a carrier can get very heavy to lug around! So this carrier is a great option:

Double carrier.jpg

If you have a cat who is carrier adverse, and you can’t seem to load him up for a vet visit, you might try using one of these crates. Use the small bungee cords (linked below) to secure the top and front doors open and begin to feed your cat in the crate. After about a week, close the top opening and continue to feed inside the crate. Close the front door to secure the cat in the crate for transport to the vet appointment. Better yet, get a mobile vet to come to your home and avoid the stress of a car ride. Once the vet gets there, the top opening makes examination of a fearful cat much easier.

Two Door Wire Crate:

36 Inch Collapsible Crate:

2 door wire crate.jpg
Collapsible Crate.jpg

Calming Travel Wipes

The second thing you need for your vet visit is calming wipes. Simply wipe the inside of the carrier about 10 minutes prior to departure.

You can wipe the inside of your vehicle with the calming wipes too, as well as any other tool you may be using for shelter work or fostering stressed out cats and kittens.

Click here or the image to purchase the calming wipes.

24" Tweezers

I use these to deliver high value treats to aggressive and fearful cats in shelters. They work great for you at home if you have a particularly shy cat who is hiding from you. Simply deliver some shaved chicken with these. Hold about 2" from the cat's nose and wait for her to move toward you. If she doesn't, drop the shaved chicken and allow her to eat it when you leave. If done multiple times a day, she will connect you to something yummy and wonderful, which will begin to build trust. I also use these when carrier clicker training. I hold the treat inside the top door so the cat has to move into the carrier to get the treat.

Click here or image to purchase these tweezers.

Mini Bungee Cords

I use these to secure the top and front doors of the carrier open when it is not in use. This keeps a door from accidentally closing and scaring the cat as it is exploring the carrier space. It is important to keep all interactions between the carrier and cat calm and stress free.

Remove the bungee cords right before you load the cat for a trip. Complete cat carrier tips can be found in our blog page under the Medical category.

Click here or the image to purchase the cords. 

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