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FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in our resource areas are affiliate links, including Amazon Associates links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, Cat Behavior Solutions will get a small commission with no additional charge to you. We are dedicated to finding the coolest products for cats and cat lovers and we only include products that we feel confident promoting and help to support our mission.



Have a new cat and want to know how long it will take him to be "himself"? Click here to download flyer

Want to set up the purrfect litter box to help avoid issues? Click here to download flyer

Introducing cats and having issues with them getting along? Click here to download introduction instructions

Want to know the 10 essential needs of cats? Click here to download them

Is your cat obese? See the body condition chart by clicking here

Washable Rugs!!

For all families with pets. Even the best behaved pet has the occasional accident. And have you noticed how impossible it is to get the odor out? NOW there are good-looking rugs that fit in your washing machine. I personally own 6 of them and am planning to replace my remaining 5 with these soon!

Read more about them here.


Cat Allergies

For all of you with family members who are allergic to cats, a client of mine highly recommends this air purifier. She is allergic to cats, and now has two, and swears that this device makes all the difference in the world!

TRY IT before you give up on your cat (or boyfriend/fiance who is allergic)!

Air purifier.jpg

Ancestry and Genetic Markers

I recently ordered the Basepaws DNA CatKit. I am interested in two things...the breed Tabasco is from and health markers. Tabasco was recently diagnosed with some health conditions that we suspect are genetic. Basepaws' report included 40 health markers representing 17 diseases including: Polycystic kidney disease, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and Retinal degeneration. The company is building the world's largest feline genetic database which will help with important research information.

The kit comes with a cheek swab collection kit - super easy to do with your cat.

Click here or the image to the right to purchase the DNA kit.

Base Paws.jpg

Cat Cam

I find it useful to see the behavior of your cat (aggression, litter box usage, etc.) and this little camera makes it easy to record cat movement.

You'll need to create your own iCloud account for storage and then send me videos that are pertinent to your case.

Click here or the image to the right to purchase the Cat Cam.

Cat cam.jpg

Cedarcide is an amazing, all natural pet pest control. Use this in place of other traditional flea and tick medication to kill fleas and ticks and repel mosquitos. Heart worms are a real threat to cats and are caused from mosquito bites so this is an important thing to pay attention to!

However, some pets have an adverse reaction to traditional pest prevention. I had a foster cat who recently had a terrible seizure after an application of Revolution, but Tabasco has no trouble with it at all.

I've opted to use the all natural, safe Cedarcide going forward and I encourage you to look into doing the same. Cedarcide helps support our efforts with every purchase you make.

Visit them at:

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.02.07

Check out this awesome Flea + Tick Pet Brush

The Cedarcide dispenses directly onto your cat's skin through the bristles.

Cat Muzzle

Sometimes, even with the best of desensitization measures, you’ll find a cat who absolutely will not allow you to trim his nails without biting you. I recommend a good dose of calming oils about 30 minutes prior to a manicure. I also have fingerless Kevlar gloves I wear when needed – they soften the bite blow and yet my fingers can feel to do the work.

But every now and then I have that one cat…and the space helmet muzzle works perfectly. Cats will freak out when you put it on – as you would if someone put one on you – so use it only in dire situations. Sometimes a harness vest (various styles available) will act as a calming shirt – try that before the muzzle.

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