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Cats are Obligate Carnivores

How does that differ from a regular carnivore? I'm glad you asked! Obligate means "by necessity" - cats must eat meat; it is an absolute biological necessity. A meat-only diet provides vitamins and fatty acids in their pre-formed state, cats and other obligate carnivores have lost the ability to make these amino acids and vitamins in their own bodies the way herbivores and omnivores do. They don't need to since the animals they are eating have already done it for them.

Cats have a high requirement for taurine which is found almost exclusively in animal flesh. Arginine (amino acid), also found in animal flesh, is so critical to the cat that a meal without it can lead to death.

Simply put - cats must eat meat to live. Healthy cats feel good. Feeling good = less behavior issues! Feed your cat canned food with MEATS as the first ingredients.


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