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Cats & Christmas

To a cat, Christmas is a blast!

Christmas is a special time for you and your cat, but it can also pose some dangers.

Be sure to keep kitty safe with these 6 safety pointers:

  1. Pine is highly toxic to cats and if ingested can cause liver damage or death – also the needles may puncture intestines if ingested.

  2. Tree water is also dangerous because of the chemicals added that keep your live tree fresh. The fire retardants sprayed on trees is also toxic, as is the pine sap.

  3. For these reasons, an artificial tree is the safest option for cats but they can still chew on it and ingest pieces of the tree which can cause intestinal blockage.

  4. Christmas lights can cause burning and injuries if cats chew on the wires.

  5. Eating tinsel, ribbon and twine can become lodged in your cats intestines and cause a blockage.

  6. Cats climbing the tree is fun to watch but it your cat tips over the tree and glass ornaments break, it can injure your cat. An option is anchoring the tree to the wall and/or ceiling.


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