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CatSizor Nail Grinder

I was asked to do a review of the CatSizor Cat Nail Grinder. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of a nail grinder for cats, but dutifully tested it on Pico when it came in.

I was quite surprised by how quiet it is. I imagined it to be more like the dog nail grinders, which would be a bit loud for cats. I was also pleased with how easy it is to guide the cat's nail into the opening. It does have a scent to it - smells like ground nails. And it takes a bit to grind them fully down. They recommend not holding the nail to the stone for more than 5 seconds and I found it took multiple times to get the nail short enough.

The site says "no over cutting" but I'm not sure how it would stop you from over grinding into the quick. If you hold it to the nail too long, it becomes warm and the cat will likely jerk away.

Bottom line, is I think this device would work great with some pre-conditioning. In the video, I'm trying this device on an eight month old, hyper kitten, and having success. If I had paired the sound with a treat (I use turkey) in a couple sessions, then paired the feel of it on the nail with a treat in a couple more sessions, he likely would've been perfectly happy to sit for the entire nail trim. For $39 I think it could be a great tool.

CLICK HERE to learn more about, and to purchase the CatSizor.

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