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Making Raw Food For Your Cat

Today was raw rabbit making day, so I though I'd share my steps with you.

First, buy raw rabbit - ground carcass without fur, but organs and bones included. I buy mine from Hare-Today here:

I buy the five pound logs and they come in frozen. Keep them in your freezer until three days before you are ready to make up the batch. Thaw for three days in the refrigerator in a plastic garbage bag to contain the blood that will likely leak out.

Get your supplies ready. I dedicate tools specifically for the raw cat food.

My supplies are:

  • 13 qt stainless steel bowl - purchased from Sam's Club

  • Metal spoon

  • Plastic storage containers

  • Scissors

  • Two pairs of rubber gloves

Get everything out and lined up to work with

Get the rabbit from the fridge; keep it in the trash bag:

Add half the Alnutrin to the bottom of the bowl - 1 scoop per pound so this is about 3 scoops:

Squeeze the rabbit into the bowl - don't be surprised if you get help at this point:

Add the remaining Alnutrin and Taurine - note, the Alnutrin already has taurine in it but because Tabasco is old, and you can't overdose a cat on taurine, and it is so important for them to have enough, I add extra.

Use about 4-5 cups of hot water to rinse out the rabbit bag and add to mixture.

At this point Tabasco is eating the rabbit - which is fine.

Mix thoroughly.

Spoon into containers:

Tabasco is STILL "sneaking" nibbles along the way.

Taste testers might arrive:

Label your containers - you won't want to use them for anything other than raw rabbit in the future, and it keeps hubby from thinking it's ground beef and grilling up patties. Put all but one container in the freezer, put the remaining container in the fridge for serving in the next few days.

Let your cat lick the spoon and bowl - remember when you were a kid and mom made cookies and you cleaned out the bowl? This is like that for your cat.

Change into the second pair of gloves for cleaning so you can get the rabbit off the first pair. Note I keep a separate scrub sponge for cat food bowls and this clean up process.

Scrub everything with dish detergent and then spray with bleach. Allow the items to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse, scrub with dish detergent again, rinse and store.

Clean up the sink and surrounding areas WELL. Watch for spots that get on the faucet, etc. Treat this like a raw chicken clean up.

Serve and enjoy! If transitioning to raw food, slowly add a tiny bit into your cat's current food - do a gradual process.


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