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Creating a Cozy Space for your Cats

Cats love a soft place to curl up and nap. Indoor cats want to be cozy and lay somewhere warm and safe that is near their owners.

A good place to start is to make sure your home is the right temperature. If you do not have air conditioning and it’s a hot summer day, your cat is not going to be very comfortable.

Once your house is comfortable, make sure that your cat has enough toys, blankets, and safe spaces to settle into.

Don’t forget the most important component of a cat being cozy – your cat’s health. If your cat has an underlying health concern, he most likely will not be able to settle down and get comfortable when he is at home.

Temperature Control

If you happen to have a cat who goes both indoors and outdoors, make sure your home is heated nice and warm in the winter when your cat comes inside after being out on a cold day. Don’t assume just because your cat has fur, and he was outside for hours, that he stayed warm the whole time he was out there.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your house comfortable. If you are hot and sweaty or cold and freezing because you are trying to save on an electric bill, your cat is probably feeling the same way.

Get some Blankets for Nap Time

“Taking a cat nap,” that phrase has been around for a while. Cats love to nap, and what better place to nap than wrapped up in one of many options of cozy blankets for your cats.

Cats love nesting and getting comfortable before they take one of their many daily naps. If you find that your cat is pacing around uncomfortably, it could be that they just haven’t found a place they deem comfortable enough to sit down on.


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