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Dear Molly, Christmas Tree Safety

Dear Molly, How can I keep my cat out of my Christmas Tree?

Dear Christmas Tree,

There are some deterrents that might work:

Carpet Runner – with points up – just cut it to a circular shape and put it around the tree – kitty probably won’t want to walk on it.

SSScat – is a blast of air (like you clean your keyboard with) that is motion activated – place it in the pathway to the tree.

Sonic Mat – put this under the tree and when kitty steps on it, a high-pitched sound emits and typically scares them off.

Remember, when trying to modify cat behavior, you have to show the cat what you want it to do instead. Which means you have to provide an alternative to the behavior. That’s difficult when you’re talking about a tree – I have a tiny tree just for the cat, with non-breakable ornaments on it, and he is free to topple it whenever he likes. I also have a very dense artificial tree that makes it to thick/dense to climb through the branches.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!



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