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Is Your Cat Secretly In Pain? Tably App

Cat Talk Radio Podcast

Is your cat secretly in pain? There's an app for that! Seriously. Tably app from has created an artificial intelligence app for your iPhone that predicts your cats pain level with over 90% accuracy. Molly talks with Dr. Liz Bales, Chief Medical Officer and primary Veterinarian consultant for Tably, about how this app really works.

We all know that pain can lead to various behavior issues, so it's important to get your cat medical care when it's needed. The challenge is, most cats disguise their pain, so it's very difficult to diagnose pain levels - even if we've lived with the cat for many years, and think we can read it well.

Tune in to find out how to take the mystery out of determining cat pain!

Click here to listen to the full podcast:


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