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Rescuing the Rescuers

Cat Talk Radio Podcast

This podcast is for everyone who has a passion for animal welfare. If you're a cat foster, trapper, shelter volunteer or worker, cat rescue volunteer, or in the non-profit community, you've undoubtedly found yourself out of energy at one time or another. It's common for all of us to get discouraged and question our effectiveness. Burnout, compassion fatigue, exhaustion and depression are real problems and very common when working/volunteering in those areas.

There is a place where you can come and share your challenges, heartbreaks, the good days and the bad ones with others in the community who understand.

The Rescuing The Rescuers Facebook team is made up of people from the cat community. We have counselors, coaches and those with shared experiences ready to help. We recognize the need for a group like this is long overdue.

You can also view this interview is also on YouTube:

Click here to listen to the full podcast:


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